Congratulations!! You’ve done it. Making the jump to university or college is a big step, especially when you’ve had to leave home, and it can be scary. You might be doing stuff for the very first time: grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, keeping your own schedule… Maybe you’re holding down a part-time job or doing volunteer work while you’re studying. And doing all of this without friends or family around you can be incredibly tough. Texting and FaceTiming are great, but they can only get you so far. We know that.

So it’s even more important to stay connected to the things and people that keep you going. The good news is that you can find those things at your “home away from home:” your local Friendship Centre! If you’ve never visited one before, Friendship Centres are an amazing way to find community. They’re safe places where you can grab a bite to eat, relax, chat with friends, learn new skills, or get some good guidance from Elders or Knowledge Keepers. If you don’t feel like talking, just come and hang out! You’re always welcome.

Many colleges and universities have Friendship Centres on campus – and there are often Friendship Centres out in the wider community. Here’s how to find them depending on where you are: the National Association of Friendship Centres will be able to help you out.

Even if your college or uni doesn’t have one, you can always find Friendship Centres online. New Journeys is an amazing resource for good support when you need it. It’s got everything from relationship help to language resources to budgeting tips; there’s an emphasis on community-building, which we love.

Another great “home away from home” is our Rivers to Success program, which gives you a place to feel connected, get study & life tips, and learn new stuff. Check it out here!

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